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The core responsibility of Reading Hospital is to protect, improve and sustain the wellness of the community we serve. Carrying out that responsibility means reinvesting resources in the community in many forms – from providing free health services, to screenings and immunizations, to organizing the community to address emerging health needs, to employees donating their time to Berks County non-profit organizations. Reading Hospital remains committed to engaging our community partners to make Berks County residents happier and healthier.  View the 2016 Plan

Berks County Health Collaborative Community Health
Needs Assessment 2016 Final Summary Report: Berks County Health Collaborative defined its current service area based on an analysis of the geographic area where individuals who utilize its services reside. Berks County Health Collaborative primary service area is considered to be Berks County, Pennsylvania. Located in the southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County is the 10th most populous of the sixty-seven counties in Pennsylvania, with an estimated population of 413,691. Additional demographics are summarized in this report. View the 2016 Report ➡

Key informants were interviewed to gather a combination of quantitative ratings and qualitative feedback through open-ended questions. Key informants were defined as community stakeholders with expert knowledge including public health and health care professionals, social service providers, non-profit leaders, business leaders, faith-based organizations, and other community leaders. View the 2016 Report ➡